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Starbucks homepage re-design

6 submissions
Saved by 320 users
Est completion time: 3 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: web design

Project overview:

One of the hardest things about website design is sourcing the content, especially if you’re working on practice briefs and fictional brands. Sometimes, redesigning an existing and well-known site can be a great way to practice your layout skills. Having a set of content already in place, laid out with navigation items ready to play with, means that you can entirely focus o awesome styling ideas.

We want you to redesign coffee big-shots 'Starbucks', an American institution that now has over 23,450 locations worldwide, including 13,000 branches in the USA. Remember to really showcase the baristas, and the coffee and food they offer. Starbucks are also trying to market themselves as a sustainable and responsible business, so bear this in mind when you're putting the designs together.

Familiarize yourself with the existing design, and find areas that could be improved, either aesthetically or functionally. You can’t change the 'Starbucks' brand itself, but you can completely change the style and the design of the website. Last thing: 'Starbucks' is a global brand, so it needs to feel familiar to as many people as possible.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Jack's website by Jess Caddick for Green Chameleon

Jack's website by Jess Caddick for Green Chameleon

Restaurant Direction by Jürgen Hassler

Restaurant Direction by Jürgen Hassler

Warehouse site layout by Cosmin Capitanu

Warehouse site layout by Cosmin Capitanu

The Sum of Us Cafe Mockup by Mohsin Khan

The Sum of Us Cafe Mockup by Mohsin Khan

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