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Speakers & dub

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Posted 3 years ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

A underground music shop in Detroit, Michigan, called 'Reverb' have been working with various different designers over the past few years on a selection of printed marketing materials. They have previously used a variety of designers as they enjoy seeing how different people approach design briefs. However, this year they are hoping to work with one designer on all of their artwork, as they've realised the importance of having a unified, clear and memorable brand.

To start with, they are looking for an awesome A3 poster to put around the city that will highlight their new range of speakers, vinyl and other electronic music equipment. They want the poster to feature custom lettering and illustrations throughout, and do not want to use cliched images involving reggae and graffiti. For this poster, they require something that is more creatively focused on basslines and electronic music as a whole. They are excited to see how a designer can use this theme as a direction for their artwork, and are open to possible outcomes and visual representations of this.

With basslines on your mind, try to work out a creative way to portray the effects a bassline can have on your mind and body. Perhaps you want to focus on the social aspect of how bass in music can bring people together whilst dancing or socializing, or perhaps you want to focus more on the way it can help people to zone-out and forget about the worries in their life. Either way come up with an awesome poster to represent this whilst promoting the music shop at the same time.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Electronic Movie Poster by Alex Tass

Electronic Movie Poster by Alex Tass

Mates Poster by Thorbjorn Gudnason

Mates Poster by Thorbjorn Gudnason

Poster by Print Peppermint

Poster by Print Peppermint

Techno Viking by Romich

Techno Viking by Romich

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