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Homepage design for a Rustic British pub

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Est completion time: 8 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: web design

Project overview:

The Royal Oak, a family owned pub based in the Wiltshire countryside of England, are commissioning a new website to reflect their recent refurbishment. The new interior has been styled with a rustic, hand crafted and bespoke design with trinkets and treasures scattered throughout. The Royal Oak is a pub where families have lunch together, and friends gather in the evenings. The food is homemade, with a flair for unusual pairings.

The new website must reflect the location of the pub, along with the new interiors. The owners would like you to include high quality photographs and custom design elements without cluttering the website. The website must tell the customer where the pub is, how to locate them, and what’s on the menu!  This website needs to attract a wide target audience including trendy, affluent individuals while not isolating the typical British families who have just finished their Sunday morning walk.

For this brief create a homepage design and 1 inner page design, responsive layouts for desktop mobile and web and on screen mockups of Desktop and mobile to show how the site will look in action. This brief is an extension of a lettering brief we posted so you can start with that brief to give you some design assets to then inject into this site.

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2 responses

  1. Does this brief happen to be based on the real, existing Royal Oak?