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Nuts about branding

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Posted 3 years ago

In category: logos & branding

Project overview:

'Robby’s Nuts' would like a fresh new logo and custom package design for the range of nuts they'll be releasing next summer. They have been using a bland, basic design for too long, but have recently realized the importance of improving their overall brand image. They're unsure whether the branding should include a reference to nuts.

The client is looking for something completely custom-made; unique is the word here. They’re looking to up their branding game and to really separate themselves from the competition. They want brand to be based on vintage, American baseball images.

There are two new items coming out; ‘Courageous Cashews’ and ‘Perfect Pistachios’. Both of these products need a brand and package design, which would include a front design and back section, including specifications about the product, ingredients and a few pointers about their brand values; you can use lorem ipsum placeholder text to design around.

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Killin' it By Tyler Somers

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Shirt Tag by Bethany Heck

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The Craft by Third Wonder

Pennant Project Branding by Matt Dawson

Pennant Project Branding by Matt Dawson

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