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Net Magazine – front cover commission

4 submissions
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Est completion time: 5 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

Net magazine is looking to commission a designer to design the front cover of their next issue. Net Magazine always work with a variety of designers to see what they come up with based around a certain theme or featured article. Working on front cover designs is an awesome way to practice your layout skills and push your creativity further.

The article that they would like illustrated on the cover is called ‘Adobe: a designer’s best friend’. They would like the illustration to portray the total awesomeness of Adobe’s applications, the ones that designers use everyday, including how they help and how they increase creative productivity. They would like a flat, vector based style with big bold colours and simple shapes to illustrate this issue’s featured article.

Although the theme is pretty set they are open to any direction a designer would like to take and they are looking for the designer to inject their own creativity into the brief and create something awesome that will stand out on the shelf when printed. A great idea for layout projects like these is to not jump straight into the actual layout in your artboards and instead play around with sketches, patterns and fun bits of work loosely to give you multiple options with how you eventually format and lay out the work.

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Best Of Orlando by Brian Nutt

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Music How It Is Made by Prime Module Studio

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Influence by Chaz Russo

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Paint Or Die by Fabricio Rosa Marques

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