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Macaroon book cover

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Est completion time: 3 days

Posted 2 years ago

In category: illustration

Project overview:

'Marvellous Macaroons' would like to create a small book to showcase all the flavours they have to offer in store. The company is doing well; their idea is to create a publication which their customers will love, enjoy and hopefully inspire them to purchase more macaroons! They absolutely love bright, simple colours and are hoping the that book will reflect this.

First, create the front cover for their book; you can then use the design and illustration style for the inside pages, too. If you want your design to stand out and to have an authentic, unique look you could customize some exiting typefaces, and even create your own lettering for the title of the book.

Consider using photography for subtle backdrops alongside some custom illustrations of the products themselves; for illustration style, we advise going for a hand-drawn, sketchy style. To get this looking right you could hand draw some macaroon outlines from different perspectives, then live-trace these in illustrator, playing with the live-trace tool to get different finishes of your sketches. This brief should take around 3 days for the front cover, but if you want to push yourself further you could spend an additional day working on an inner page template, showcasing some of the macaroons with a small description about the product alongside the illustration.

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1 response

  1. Is it not a macaron? Macaroons are the coconut cookie things? Sorry If it seems pedantic but a crucial error in design terms.