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Luxury yacht brochure

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Est completion time: 6 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

A luxurious yacht manufacturer called' Nessi Co.', based in Malta, has been expanding at a steady rate for the last few years. They are looking to attract new customers this summer, especially younger, more affluent, successful businessmen and women in Europe. Most of the customer base at the moment are middle-aged, and their current marketing materials only really speak to them.

Create a trifold brochure with a luxurious, high-quality feel. Using placeholder texts and images, you need to develop four sections, being: About the company, Our new products, Repair and maintenance and Contact details. Create a super clean, regal crest design to finish the brochure off at the back. Think luxury, regal and elegant. Also, consider some special printing techniques when putting your designs together; how would you intend this to be printed in order to emphasize the luxury of their yachts?

Keep in mind that the target audience whilst also experimenting with different theme directions, and font usage.  Get all of your content arranged into the necessary sections, then begin sketching out some ideas for possible layouts. Think about how you can combine luxurious photographs (use stock imagery where possible) with custom illustrative elements and creative design assets.

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