As the client is looking for a set of brand guidelines as well, tackle these first exploring with different patterns, type usage and colours before you begin any actual layouts of business cards or items within the stationery set. Starting with the brand guidelines and having these set in place will help you to ensure you keep consistency throughout  your artwork and layouts. Remember to spend the time initially mood boarding and researching the style of design the client is looking for, this will help you to make sure you stay on the right track with the project and successfully please the client.

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Luxury stationery designs

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Posted 2 years ago

In category: logos & branding

Project overview:

Based in London, 'House & Home' are at the forefront of interior design. Their business has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and they have multiple events coming up over the summer. They are looking to freshen up their identity to attract new customers and bring the brand up to current design trends.

'House & Home' would like to work with a designer to create a new set of stationery, and to freshen up of their existing branding and identity. They would like a new business card, letterhead, envelope and invoice template, and they are also looking for a set of mini brand guidelines, including color palettes, patterns, a small set of icons, and a guide to typography usage.

In terms of style, they are looking for a minimal, fresh and super clean feel. They take inspiration from French interior and restaurant design; so, see the inspiration images to see the style of design they are looking for, and then get creative with some concepts. This a large project; start with some research, and then build a moodboard to get a sense of direction.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Hart & Vine by Andrew Littmann

Hart & Vine by Andrew Littmann

Bernstein by Joris Rigerl

Bernstein by Joris Rigerl

Atlass Partners Branding by Vyacheslav Shishov

Atlass Partners Branding by Vyacheslav Shishov

Viper Stationary by Stephan Catapano

Viper Stationary by Stephan Catapano

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