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Longboard artwork

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Est completion time: 4 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: illustration

Project overview:

If you’re a boarder at heart - whether it’s skating, snowboarding, or long boarding - you’ve probably seen some awesome board designs out there. The graphics of boards are a big part of their appeal to riders and, with so much competition, board companies have to think very carefully about their designs.

For this brief, come up a custom design or illustration that you would like to see printed on the deck of a longboard. You could reference a drawing or a quote that inspires you, or anything that you reckon would look awesome on a board. We would advise creating a full custom illustration that covers the entire 'bottom' of the board, and that features a combination of lettering, graphics and other original elements.

To get started with this brief, create your own artboard outlines of a longboard, print lots of these templates (you don't have to print them full size) and then start sketching out some quick ideas; this is the time to experiment. Alternatively, if you have a quality design that you haven’t yet used, maybe this is the time to see it come to life? You could adapt it to fit this brief.

When you have a finished piece, try creating a mock-up of the board to see how your design works in situ, this can often help sell the idea to the client.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Know Hope by Scott Biersack

Know Hope by Scott Biersack

LAX to PDX by Drew Melton

LAX to PDX by Drew Melton

Brother Board by Cymone Wilder

Brother Board by Cymone Wilder

The Living by Sander LeGrand

The Living by Sander LeGrand

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