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Logo for a vegan take away company

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Posted 3 years ago

In category: logos & branding

Project overview:

'Leafy Fresh' is a takeaway and delivery service specializing in vegan delicacies with fresh, locally-sourced, organic produce. They are looking for a logo which reflects what the company is about. Being a family-run, small business, with all meals made by hand in small batches, they want their logo to have natural, wholesome feel.

The client would like a logo that doesn't feature the obvious hand-drawn leaf, as they feel many similar companies have overused this so; they would like their brand to be unique. They would still like to convey a natural and organic feel to the logo, but want to show this in the lettering.

Think natural, fresh, organic, custom, handmade and earth-friendly. At the moment, they don't have a tagline or slogan, but are open to suggestions. Whilst sketching out your initial concepts, explore different ways that you could include a tagline and symbol or subtle illustrative mark.

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Aman Oraganics by Joe White

Aman Oraganics by Joe White

Bela Canela by Sean Hesler

Bela Canela by Sean Hesler

Saucebay by Luciana Gnoatto

Saucebay by Luciana Gnoatto

Vida Vegan by Shirley Colarado and Kimbal

Vida Vegan by Shirley Colarado and Kimbal

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