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Italian restaurant style tile

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Est completion time: 4 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: web design

Project overview:

Carlucci’s is a successful chain of Italian restaurant based in the UK. The company was founded in 1991 and have gained a solid reputation since then, from their Italian home cooked food. They have traditional Italian chefs working at all their restaurants and are passionate about re-creating the taste of Italy to please their customers. With their business expanding, they need to asap update their currently shocking website into something that is simple to use, eye catching and that can help their customers get a feel for the restaurants.

They are planning on having the new website built later in the year and want to bring a designer on board to create an initial style tile and mini set of guidelines that can help them and their development team get a feel for how the site will look and work. They want to use soft colours, clean UI layouts and void any tacky over used references to Italy. That are going to invest a rather large budget into this so as they understand the importance of a strong digital presence.

The key requirements for the style tile are Type usage, buttons with both active and inactive states, form elements like tables and input areas and other widgets that the site will use like email captures, a calendar and menu layouts. For this brief start by creating a simple brand option and set of icons which you can then inject into an awesome Website style tile for Carluccios. See attached some examples of how you can layout your style tiles and upload your designs back to the site for some feedback from the community.

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