We would advise dedicating the full week on this brief and really focus on how these additional elements will work alongside your branding. By the end of completing both this brief and the initial personal brand brief, you should end up with plenty of material you can use to promote yourself as a designer so it can be very beneficial to have this in place! We know what it’s like working on personal branding, it’s something every designer often spends way too long on!!! Make sure you have a clear direction in place and try and stick to your initial instinct rather than swaying off track half way through! Spend some time having look through all these awesome personal brand projects on Behance to further fuel you on this brief.

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Custom icon set experimenting with crests, badges and mini marks

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Est completion time: 1 week

Posted 1 year ago


In category: iconography

Project overview:

We often find that clients don’t just want a new logo when rebranding their company; they also want additional marks, crests and mini-stamps that they can use through other materials to help showcase their brand, and to add some variety to the collateral. It’s a really good idea to offer a range of packages to a client, from the logo only, to bigger jobs involving marks, crests, stamps and a full icon sets that will work alongside the logo. This gives the client a choice; often, they will start with a logo to see how the project goes then move onto others elements if they like what the designer is doing with them.

We recently wrote a brief to look at your own personal brand; this is an extension of that brief. Once you have your own personal brand locked down, we want you to create a set of accompanying marks, crests, symbols or icons for your own personal brand identity. These should work seamlessly alongside your logo, and should support the identity that you’ve already created for yourself. Perhaps you want to start to draw in using a secondary color palette, or create a secondary typeface that supports - but doesn’t over shadow - your core brand identity.

You could include variations of your own logo, set out as a stamp or a crest, or maybe illustrate some of the key areas or services you offer as a designer to showcase your full skill set. The ability to extend a pre-existing brand identity is a key skill for any designer, as very often clients will have a logo that they are happy with, and want to extend across extra visual assets.

Deliverables required

  • Upto 6 icons, badges or mini crests to work alongside your personal identity

  • A brand guideline style tile including all assets, colour palettes and typefaces

  • Any sketches to show your process

  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

We would advise spending unto a week on a brand extension set like this. With 6 extra marks required here, a full week will you give you plenty of time to create something custom and unique to enhance your brand.

Our approach

Start with a nice crest for your main logo, as we did for one of our clients, Los Churros Amigos:


The possibilities are endless. A nice tagline, dates (since, estd…), your services – these are all details you can add to create some cool variations of your logo. The round shape is easier, but you can play with archs, squares, and use lines to keep everything together.


Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Matt Yow's brand exploration.

Matt Yow's brand exploration.

Youwe logo concepts-Gert Van Duinen.

Youwe logo concepts-Gert Van Duinen.

Personal re brand by Darius Dan

Personal re brand by Darius Dan

Personal brand by Cosmin Negoita

Personal brand by Cosmin Negoita

Click to view larger images

Things to avoid

Here's a few pointers of things to avoid whilst working on this project.

  • Try to avoid bouncing between different directions here, we know what it's like with a personal brand
  • Don't try to please everyone, work out who your target audience are and what you are going to specialise in as a designer and use this to help guide your artwork

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