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Packaging designs for an artisan chocolatiers

111 submissions
Saved by 861 users
Est completion time: 2.5 days

Posted 6 months ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

The small, start-up artisan chocolate company 'Cocoloco' is looking for a number of talented graphic designers and illustrators to style their first packaging range, to coincide with the launch of their delicious 'bean to bar' product range. They are looking for the designs to be striking, modern and inspired by the countries that the cocoa originates from (this up to you to include in the design and can help inpire the actual illustrations you create).

Their products are a unique range of chocolate bars selected from around the world and carefully packaged in their warehouse set-up back at home in the UK. Their core audience is young, professionals and their products would be aimed at the luxury end of the food market, in high-end delis, gift shops and gourmet food fairs. The client would like to see an initial packaging design for one of their chocolate bars which could potentially be applied to a larger range of products (if they likes what they see!)

In order to complete the brief, the client would like you to create one packaging design including their company name, to be applied to their product. Have a think about how you could make your designs stand out from the crowd and from the other competitors in the high-end food market - choose a country that the cocoa could have come from to get your stated on this one.

Remember, that the client would like to see a modern, innovative design so think outside the box here. To complete the brief, mockup your packaging design on a chocolate bar and upload your artwork to Briefbox. We're looking forward to seeing your designs!

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Design by Greer Mosher

Design by Greer Mosher

Design by Claire Hartley

Design by Claire Hartley

Design by Mast Brothers

Design by Mast Brothers

Design by Sophie Filomena

Design by Sophie Filomena

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11 responses

  1. For some reason I'm unable to upload my design. I've tried numerous times with different image sizes ... no dice. Any tips?

  2. YL
    Yen Le

    I have the same problem. My post does not show up no matter how many time i try...getting a bit frustrating...Any advice would be very much appreciated!

  3. I've seen all these amazing mock ups and yet I can't even put my art onto a packet of chocolate. Can anyone help?

  4. I might have a stupid question... I am new to this site and looking to build my portfolio.
    My question is however, all these briefs are fictional right? Or are these for real clients?
    Sorry I am a bit confused to this matter! Excuse my ignorance :P

  5. I need to know, does this person still accept designs? How do you all contact the clients? I'm just getting started on this site and wish to know how to maintain a client base when I work on a project? Or are these just projects to help build the designers work flow?

  6. I can't upload either. uploaded another project be cannot with this one.

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