We would advise coming up with a theme and direction for flyer first, working out possible colour palettes and pattern usage that could be reformatted into the flyer layout.

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Film production company flyer

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Est completion time: 4 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

An up-and-coming film production company called ‘Films at 21’ is looking for a simple, clean flyer to promote their services to local businesses. They offer a full film production service and are clear in the knowledge that they are in a competitive industry. 'Film 21' realise the importance of creating a strong visual impact; they want to show clients that they deliver.

They would like a flyer design a digital, clean feel. They love modern European design, custom typefaces, and bold colors. As creatives with basic design software knowledge, they not what they don't want; anything bland won't do. They want the final design to be very legible, and to pop-out when printed.

They are looking for something that uses the words ‘Open for Business’ in some type of crest-style layout. Include a small paragraph of lorem ipsum and include two lines of placeholder text for the venue's contact information. All the elements of the flyer should be unified, working smoothly together. They have no branding in place at the moment, so they are also looking for the designer to come up with some initial ideas; if they are happy with the designer's approach, they would consider using them to create a full brand identity pack, once the flyer is complete.

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Awesome flyer artwork by Matthew Smith

Awesome flyer artwork by Matthew Smith

More layouts by Ricards Schweigler

More layouts by Ricards Schweigler

Simple Now Open flyer by Ricarda Schweigler

Simple Now Open flyer by Ricarda Schweigler

Adventure Films by Sam Lane

Adventure Films by Sam Lane

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