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Food illustrations for a Vietnamese eatery

48 submissions
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Est completion time: 1-2 days

Posted 9 months ago

In category: illustration

Project overview:

'Rice Paper' a Vietnamese eatery based in Barcelona, are looking to branch out their food business, from a pop-up street market stall to brand new exciting eatery in town. They are known for their coffee and for their Vietnamese street food using fresh ingredients with a modern twist. They would like you to create some bespoke, illustrations for their window to reflect their exciting new business venture.

The client would like you to go for a playful and modern illustrative approach to the designs. The illustrations must be created as vectors so they can be used in multiple size variations. Due to printing limitations, the client would like you to use a maximum of three colours. As it’s an independent business the client is after something which looks individual and which will make them stand out against their competitors and is clearly not a chain.

To kick off the project, investigate illustrators and designers that you like and come up with a fun, contemporary design to draw in new customers to the brand. Remember to check out some typical Vietnamese foods in your research to ensure your designs will be in fitting with the new eatery! After your research stages, start sketching your ideas up and scan 'em in!!! To complete the project, pop the designs into some window mockups to showcase your awesome work. Have fun!


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Design by Sandro Laliashvili

Design by Sandro Laliashvili

Design by An An

Design by An An

Whole Foods Gift Card by Steve Wolf

Whole Foods Gift Card by Steve Wolf

Design by Jay Fletcher

Design by Jay Fletcher

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4 responses

  1. @amyloo, I was wondering the same thing after seeing all the logos in the submissions section. But the brief is under 'illustrations' and the title of the brief is 'Food illustrations for a Vietnamese eatery'. Plus this sentence: They would like you to create some bespoke, illustrations for their window to reflect their exciting new business venture.

    Of course anyone can do they want, but I'm going to go ahead and leave out the logo and focus on some illustrations.

  2. Hey Amyloo & Max, thanks both for your comments on this brief, after reflecting on this brief, we will be more specific whether we'd like you to do a logo design or set of illustrative icons in the future! For the purposes of this brief the choice is entirely up to you which you'd like to focus on here. Looking forward to seeing further awesome submissions from you guys.

  3. Hi, I'm close to uploading my illustrative design, I wanted to know if one large illustration with a decent idea/theme is acceptable for the biref submission? Thanks!