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Creative review magazine layout

2 submissions
Saved by 277 users
Est completion time: 4 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: print & layout

Project overview:

One of the top design magazines, Creative Review, is looking to change the way it does things. Re-design an inner, double-page spread layout; they're looking for a more modern, handcrafted approach.

They love the way they do things at the moment, but if the right re-design appears, they might just change the style. They’re looking to see more custom, hand-made elements – little stamps, badges or icons to use for categories, page numbers and sections, and are hoping a designer can inject their own original style.

Start by putting together a grid-style wireframe. Use Lorem Ipsum for your body text, then hand draw the main title and re-create it digitally to include in your layout. Remember, the client is keen on including hand-made elements; dedicating time to this brief will make it a great asset to your portfolio.

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Future Proof by Jay Quercia

Future Proof by Jay Quercia

A  Little Book by Jessica Strelioff

A Little Book by Jessica Strelioff

Less Is More by Studio JQ

Less Is More by Studio JQ

Portfolio Spreads Preview by Sofia Copello

Portfolio Spreads Preview by Sofia Copello

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