In general, when designing for older people there are certain usability factors that you should keep in mind. Such as, including an option to enlarge the text and an optional text reader service for those hard of hearing. Aim to keep the design minimal which will help to prevent an overload of information on the screen. For the overall design, choose larger icons and make sure that you create a simple, easy to use navigation structure. You should also bear in mind, that this app is all about helping to create sociability and opening up new networks and so consider how you could allow people to easy to connect with others through the homepage and personal profile pages.

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Create a fun and accessible app for the elderly

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Est completion time: 2.5 days

Posted 2 months ago


In category: ui & app design

Project overview:

'Bella vita' is a UK based charity which focusses on providing support and improving the lives of older people. They believe that through the creation of social groups and local networks that they can help to reduce feelings of isolation and depression often found in older people and help to build more independent and resilient communities.

In this day and age, senior citizens are becoming increasingly more tech-savvy and adept with using tablet and smartphone devices. With this in mind, the client is looking to commission a designer to develop a simple and intuitive app for older people. This app would promote their community groups by advertising events, enable people to easily sign up for classes in their local area and help to build wider social networks. This app would be tailored to the person's interests and link in with their existing social groups.

The client would like you to come up with a simple layout and colourful user interface that viewers can easily navigate. To kick off the design, they would like to see an example of the homepage layout and one profile page. Alongside a simple logo and set of icons.

And so, get researching your favourite examples of modern app designs and get inspired by creating a mood board. Get sketching out your initial UI layouts, have fun with it and enjoy the process! Once you have a chosen direction, choose your favourite design software and make a start on the layouts. Once you're happy with the overall design, start to place in your text (using Lorum Ipsum for the time being) and create your logo and colourful key icons. In order to complete the brief, choose a tablet and smartphone mockup and place in your awesome design work!

Deliverables required

  • x1 home page design

  • x1 logo design

  • Set of key icons for the app

  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

We think that 2.5 days will be sufficient to complete this design. Spend the morning of your first day researching usability factors when designing for older people. And take time to find clean, simple, app designs which you could use an inspiration. Once you’ve chosen a set route, start to sketch out your ideas and basic logo. On your second day, scan in you initial layout ideas and get to work building up your final designs on screen. Spend your time remaining adjusting the designs till you’re happy with the final outcome and mock them up for our design community to review!

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Branding by Chalon Seniors 13

Branding by Chalon Seniors 13

App design by Leah Wei

App design by Leah Wei

App design by Matteo Della Chiesa

App design by Matteo Della Chiesa

App design by Pedro Brandão

App design by Pedro Brandão

Click to view larger images

Things to avoid

Here's a few pointers of things to avoid whilst working on this project.

  • Whilst it's important to ensure that your app is as compatible and accessible as it can be for elderly people, make sure the design is still considered and don't get too bogged down with adding in millions or special features here. This design needs to be simple, engaging and easy to use.

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