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Create a custom racing jersey for a bike race

4 submissions
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Est completion time: 3 days

Posted 4 months ago

In category: illustration

Project overview:

A 'Montagna' (a traditional bike race), held in Italy every autumn, is looking to commission a designer to create a racing jersey design which the riders can wear. This top will be given to the winning rider as the prize on race day. This brief is a great one to test out your layout skills. There are plenty of mock-ups which can be found online to help realise your final designs too.

First thing's first, you need to consider the font used across the actual top. Think about create something custom using hand-lettering. Get researching some old Italian typefaces and brands which have been traditionally used within bike racing in the past. Get sketching your designs and have a play with different layouts and letterforms, and maybe try adding some nice little illustrative elements which represent cycling or speed or Italy.

Once you have an awesome concept and typeface for your racing top design, scan it into your computer and start enhancing it digitally. Focus on the layout and set colours that you'd like to use and work up your design until you're happy with it! Remember to upload your initial sketches so we can see your process.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Jersey design for cycling team from Sao Paulo by Agnieszka Palmowska

Jersey design for cycling team from Sao Paulo by Agnieszka Palmowska

Design by Eroica

Design by Eroica

Peddler Bike Shop Jersey Hawaiian Livin by David Baker

Peddler Bike Shop Jersey Hawaiian Livin by David Baker

Design by Twin Six

Design by Twin Six

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