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Bespoke invites for an artisanal printers

6 submissions
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Est completion time: 3 days

Project overview:

The owners of a small, bespoke print company 'Inkspot' are looking for an invitation design to help generate excitement about their new business venture and to draw in new customers to their opening night. The print company lies in the heart of the artisanal quarter of Lisbon and uses traditional printing methods to create bespoke print and stationery goods. They would like the invite to reflect the artisanal quality of their work and their passion for typography. The owners are hoping to grow a keen customer fanbase, who will return time and time again to use the workshop space and purchase their beautiful paper products.

The client would like to commission you to create a bespoke typographic design which will then be printed within the workshop. The invite needs to be double sized, A5 in sizing and printed on a high-quality paper stock. Consider different print processes, such as embossing and inlays, to help showcase the craftsmanship of the store and create an artisanal feel.

To kick off the project, start researching your favourite modern, typographic designers and old print press workshops. Also, spend a bit of time researching different traditional print methods which could help showcase your awesome design work! To complete the brief, mock up your bespoke typographic design on an invite and be sure to include your initial sketches! Don’t forget to upload your awesome submissions for feedback from the community.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Typography by Jessica Hische

Typography by Jessica Hische

Invitation design by Frank Rodriguez

Invitation design by Frank Rodriguez

Notecard design by Louise Fili

Notecard design by Louise Fili

Design by Meticulous Ink

Design by Meticulous Ink

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2 responses

  1. this sounds like project that could be fun... the problem is that each time i read the brief i still don't know what the brief wants from me...

    am i supposed to make an invite? for the shops open day?
    on a double size a5? ... so an a4?...
    im just confused