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Baby clothes with style

62 submissions
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Est completion time: 3 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: logos & branding

Project overview:

A Vancouver-based supplier of funky, modern baby clothing is looking for a rebrand. The company is called ‘TumTums' and the clothing they create is suitable for kids aged between zero to five.

The client would like a logo which incorporates bright colors and fun typography, with an overall playful appearance. They'd really like the logo to be immediately recognizable as a brand that supplies garments for small babies and infants.

They have used a simple bear illustration in the past, and are happy to incorporate something like this into the design. Don’t be restricted to illustrating a teddybear; maybe explore other bear characters that could work. We’ve provided some examples of the types of logos that the client likes, to give you an initial direction. Think about ways of incorporating negative space to complete the illustration, and consider making the the lettering soft and wobbly to emphasise the feeling of fun and warmth. Concentrate on simplicity here. Some of the most memorable, animal-based logos are quite basic; work to reduce complexity!

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Bear Illustrations by Deividas Bielskis

Bear Illustrations by Deividas Bielskis

Dino Logo by Jan Meeus

Dino Logo by Jan Meeus

Birth Mom and Baby by Setyo

Birth Mom and Baby by Setyo

Owl & Fox by Alfrey Davilla

Owl & Fox by Alfrey Davilla

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