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Art Gallery Signage

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Posted 2 years ago

In category: logos & branding

Project overview:

There’s a new contemporary art gallery opening in London. The branding has already been taken care of; now the client is  looking for a designer to create the signage and way-finder system for the museum. The brand consists only of black logo in a well kerned, sans serif typeface. They haven't chosen a color palettes or typefaces for the brand yet, but the signage needs to use modern, sans serif typography to compliment the logo.

The signage and way-finder system will be applied across multiple floors and need to be consistent and very clear; people need to be able to easily find their towards stairs, lifts, toilets, and exhibitions. To get started, perhaps design a map of the gallery, remembering to think about scale, shape, and material.

Size will be crucial to the success of your design. The letters and other elements of the signage - arrows and other figures - need to be large enough to be visible from the opposite side of the room or corridor. Positioning will be as important. Explore the possibility of spreading letters over spaces - over door frames, for example - but be careful, we don’t want to compromise legibility. Perhaps some letters can only be made visible at a certain angle by designing separate elements for separate surfaces? As to the color and shape of your letters, the call is yours.

After you have a draft of the map, sketch some floor numbers and directional signage, using arrows and other glyphs to emphasize your message.

Style inspiration

Images liked

Here is a selection of images by awesome designers to give you some creative fuel! Remember don't copy this directly, use them as inspiration only.

Casselden Basement by Matt Ryan

Casselden Basement by Matt Ryan

Spa Iconography System by Emech Zeinali

Spa Iconography System by Emech Zeinali

Signage and Wayfinding for Innovation Centre by Claan

Signage and Wayfinding for Innovation Centre by Claan

Museum Wayfinding Vinyl by Jason Yeh

Museum Wayfinding Vinyl by Jason Yeh

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