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Get type, lettering and font inspiration

| By: Joel Rosen (Co-founder of Briefbox)

We’re really excited to introduce our latest creative side project and all round helpful source of inspiration for your web, type and lettering projects; – If you’re looking for some much needed font inspiration then this gallery should be totally up your street!

type, lettering and font inspiration - homepage

Why did we make it?

We all have our favourite sources for inspiration that we go to when starting out a design project and they have been so helpful to us over the years. Scrolling through dribbble and following our favourite designers has been a life saver when looking for that creative spark that is so important and browsing through Behance and pinterest has made our jaws drop in the past.

But.. when looking for lettering, type and font inspiration we found ourselves scrolling forever to find a specific style or approach that would be relevant for an up coming project. We couldn’t find one source of inspiration based around type and lettering in graphic design and web layouts that was split into multiple type styles and categories that could really help us target what we were after.

So we set about hunting and curating a new collection of font inspiration and font combinations used within design and web for two reasons: so we could start our own collection to use for inspiration in the future and to help other designers target exactly what they we’re looking for.

The Briefbox team are going to be adding 100 new shots of awesome type, lettering and font inspiration weekly along with 7 font combinations used in websites we love both aesthetically and functionally to keep the collection going.

If you have a project coming up that you feel a playful style of type would suit well, browse through this category for font inspiration that is specific to this style, or browse through our messy, serif, or single character collection if that’s what your after.

With over 20 different styles and categories of type and font inspiration, the collection is an invaluable new source of design fuel for any creative out there.

font inspiration - font combinations

Ontop of the ever growing type gallery collection we’re also curating out favourite web designs and listing the exact fonts used within these so you can start to explore new typefaces and font combinations in your web and UI projects.

Check it out here:  and we look forward to your feedback!

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