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Top tips to find your focus

| By: Gill Chantler (Community manager / illustrator @ Briefbox)

Modern technology has certainly brought its benefits to the design industry. As creatives and designers we now have the ability to collaborate and work with people from different countries on multiple projects at any given time. We also have unlimited access to inspiration from across the globe 24/7. Whilst this has certainly been revolutionary to the way we work, there is something to be said for creating pockets of stillness in your working life. I’m going to talk through some of my tips on how you can manage to stay focussed, create your best ideas and filter out the background noise.

As mentioned in our other posts, inspiration and mood boarding is the key to any successful project. Once you’ve created your super fantastic mood-boards, use your skills as a designer to edit down and curate your inspiration. Editing out distractions and focussing in on the core design, is where the designs can find their strength and originality. This will also make it easier down the line for you to justify your inspiration and thought process to your client. The internet gives us access to endless references you can use and it’s easy to get really excited by all the amazing stuff that’s out there on pinterest and instagram. Though take it with a pinch of salt. Using too many influences can water down your designs.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed?!
Make sure you take a break away from the screen. Be it changing up where you work (if you’ve got the option) or simply switching off and going offline for a while can help to really focus in your design time. Refer back to your sketch books. Often, this can be where your best ideas are kept.

Schedule in a day of solely design time
Within our studio, we have at least one day a week we like to keep clear to work on projects. This is important as it allows you to really work on the quality of the design without distractions. Though double check you haven’t booked in any meetings or Skype calls for potential clients! Keeping organised and with a clear, organised diary will help you stay on the right track.

Head still buzzing?! Go do something completely different!
Make sure, on your weekends and evenings take time to clear your head. Take time out. So you’re nice and refreshed to get cracking back at the studio! Learn to manage your time well. You’ll appreciate these breaks you took early on, as you never know when you’ll have to pull the occasional late nighter for a client. Taking these breaks, is really crucial in helping to prevent burnout and also helps you to keep enjoying your design process in the long-run.

What are some of the things you like to do keep focused?

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